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Sale of Cat'Art

The owner, due to personal matters, has to spare part of the contemporary center of art, Cat'Art. It is located on the district of the Island; the center of the village of Saint Colombe. The selling part, includes the old factory Grammont with more than 8.000m2 of potential construction.
At the time of closing doors, the center was fully occupied, and it had over a hundred petitions of residence waiting to be processed.
This artistic center is considered a fantastic residence due to the beauty of the landscape, the proximity of Montbel's lake, and the high number of artists living on the region. It gives a wide range of possibilities, and it could be used for instance as an old people's home, as a leisure center, or as apartments for rent.

Area of 2.970m2 with 1.203,62m2 occupied, and a surface of 2.506,26m2.
Price: 540,000.00 €.